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Chef Teddy and The Cave Cafe travel across the Twin Cities bringing you their signature Afro-Italiano fusion menu.

You can locate The Cave Cafe daily by following them on Twitter @TheCaveCafe

Meet The Chef


Tewodros Negash, aka ‘Chef Teddy’, grew up in Eritrea cooking Eritrean, Italian, and Ethiopian dishes at his mother’s side. This childhood influence seeps into every unique and hearty ounce of his signature Afro-Italiano cuisine.

As a young man, Teddy fled his war-torn country by foot, seeking refuge in Djibouti. Building on what his mother had taught him, Teddy began cooking to earn his living. His talent helped transition him from survival mode in Djibouti to working as a culinary master in Cairo, Stockholm, and New York, ultimately settling in Minnesota. Appropriately, Chef Teddy now travels with his food, driving his mobile food truck, The Cave Café, to various locations throughout the Twin Cities. His specials include tibsies (meat and vegetable sauté), Italian pasta dishes, curries, and wraps.

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